To all Harry Potter fans out there!

To all Harry Potter fans out there! Google has made it possible for your’ll to cast spells on to your Android phone and see it actually work. Though not all the spells are there but there are few which actually work. Wanna be a wizard? Just follow the steps bellow.

First of all, you should have an Android Phone that has “Okay Google” working on your phone, if your haven’t set it up, you  can follow my previous post which will guide you in how to do so, click here.

Okay, now since “Okay Google” is working on your Android Device say ,”Okay Google” with the following spells:

  • “Lumos” to switch on your device’s flashlight
  • “Nox” to switch off the device’s flashlight
  • “Silencio” to silence your device.


Oh and Google has more good news for you fans! Google is on the process of developing a Street View of the map from “Fantastic Beast” and it is said to be like some what below,


And also it is said that a game which is going to be based on the up coming movie Fantastic Beasts is being developed which is going to be compatible with the all new Google’s Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, Day Dream.


Stay tuned to find more details about the games and upcoming spells. And if you enjoyed this post do share them with your friends from social media links below.

Note: The above GIF's were taken from Google's blog

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