How to enable video calling on WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger is on the process of developing a full stable video calling facility for their users. If you want to try video calling on WhatsApp messenger you can by following the steps below. You need to be a beta tester, meaning you need to sign-up to get the beta updates from WhatsApp via Google Play Store. Doing this is not exactly risky, but the WhatsApp app may contain a few bugs as you will be installing a beta version of their app. You can follow the steps below to be a beta tester for WhatsApp messenger and enable Video Calling on your WhatsApp app.

Disclaimer: Neither WinPound or WhatsApp is responsible if anything happens to your phone

So lets begin:

  • First and foremost go to this link through your PC and sign into your Google account that you use on your Android Device
  • Once you successfully sign in, it should look like the screen shot below


  • Then click on the “BECOME A TESTER” button.
  • And done, your a Tester!
  • Now on your Android device, go to “Google Play”
  • And click on “My apps & games”
  • screenshot_2016-11-14-11-22-44
  • And then there will be a new column call “Beta”, click on it and you would find an update for WhatsApp Messenger. I have updated my WhatsApp messenger to the latest beta version, so for me it looks like this


And now when you successfully update it, Open the app and navigate to the calls column of the app and try making a new call to one of your contacts. It should give you two options now, “Video Call” or “Voice Call”.

And there, you have successfully enabled Video Calling on your WhatsApp messenger. And note, to make a Video Call to anyone in your contact list, they also should have the enable Video calling on their WhatsApp Messenger.

This can be done ONLY for Android Devices.



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