How to Install Microsoft Visio on a PC that has Office 365 installed!

Many people have faced the issue where they cannot installing Visio 2016 (dreamspark version) in a laptop that has Office 365 installed. Even I faced this issue where Visio setup didn’t open when I had to install Visio 2016 (the dreamspark version) on my laptop with my Office 365. The solution is to change the compatibility of the Setup (setup.exe).

Follow the steps below to change the compatibility, these steps would also work for corporate licenses as well.
  1. Open/Mount the .iso file of Visio
  2. Navigate to setup (setup.exe)1
  3. Right click on setup and select properties1
  4. Once you click on properties, navigate to the “compatibility” tab. By default it should like the screenshot below1
  5. Check the option “Run the program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows 8” like in the screenshot below1
  6. And then click on “Ok”, and now you should be able to install Visio 2016.
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