[How-to] Enable GIF search on WhatsApp

With the latest beta update of WhatsApp you can search GIFs like how you can do on Messenger, by just clicking on the “Emoji” icon and navigating to the GIF tab. Like this:

So to get this new feature you need to be a beta tester for WhatsApp.

Here is how you could  be one

Disclaimer: Neither WinPound or WhatsApp is responsible if anything happens to your phone

So lets begin:

  • First and foremost go to this link through your PC and sign into your Google account that you use on your Android Device
  • Once you successfully sign in, it should look like the screen shot below


  • Then click on the “BECOME A TESTER” button.
  • And done, your a Tester!
  • Now on your Android device, go to “Google Play”
  • And click on “My apps & games”
  • screenshot_2016-11-14-11-22-44
  • And then there will be a new column call “Beta”, click on it and you would find an update for WhatsApp Messenger. I have updated my WhatsApp messenger to the latest beta version, so for me it looks like this


Once you have updated your WhatsApp, open it and follow the following steps to search and send GIFs

For example,


I searched for an “Awesome” GIF, and now I chose to send the first GIF. To send a GIF just select on the GIF you like and it will open the standard “Send Image” or “Send Video” window, a window like this


And click send icon (the green arrow) once you want to send it.


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